CSV Import Module

CSV Import Module

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This advanced module allows you to upload UTF-8 CSV data into Custom Tables, Forms, and Custom Module Tables, with proper staging and event log triggering

It can handle mass Insert/Update/Deletes, or you can mark individual rows for Updating and Deletion.

It also has the capability of handling System use fields such as the GUID, Date Last Modified, Modified By fields.

Available on NuGet: HBS_CSVImport

Change Logs
  • Replaced CONCAT() function in SQL query with + to support SQL Server 2008
  • Adjusted so you no longer need to modify the code files to import to custom module classes, as long as the Info and InfoProvider code files are generated.
  • Submitted to NuGet
**NOTE** In some small cases, the EnableEventValidation needs to be disabled if errors occur while using this tool.  If you encounter this, go to the /CMS/CMSModules/HBS_CSVImport/Pages/CSVImport.aspx and replace the first line with this:

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" Inherits="CMSModules_HBS_CSVImport_Pages_CSVImport" EnableEventValidation="false" MasterPageFile="~/CMSMasterPages/UI/SimplePage.master" Theme="Default" %>
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