Advanced Category Selector

Advanced Category Selector

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Assign Categories to your Document, Node, to a Field, or Join Table, through an easy List or Tree tool.

This is included in the RelationshipsExtended module, so if you get that you don't need this.

Change Logs
  • Adjusted so you no longer need to modify the code files to leverage custom module classes, as long as the Info and InfoProvider code files are generated.
  • Added logic to support Relationships Extended's Node Categories
  • Updated for Kentico 12
Adjusted references to the CSS and Javascript so they will resolve to whatever path so it will not break if your Kentico instance is not at the root of your website domain.
  • Updated Code to allow Join Table over Custom Module Classes
  • Fixed bugs with Selections
  • Fixed bugs with Tree's "Collapse" "Expand" "Show Selected" clearing out user changes
  • Properly set "Allow Manual Entry" to only show on "To Field" save mode only.
  • Updated tool to all versions.
  • Created instructions guide.
Created Advanced Category Selector
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